About Conflict Management…




Conflict, we are told, is bad. It is damaging to all people involved, especially children. Countless books offer advice on how to manage conflict. They are based on the assumption that your adversary is a rational person who also wants to end the struggle. But in a high-conflict divorce, one person lives for the fight; often willing to sacrifice the children to win. When your children are at risk, how can you disengage?

Winning Your High-Conflict Divorce: Strategies for Moms and Dads provides step-by-step strategies that have successfully helped people manage their divorce-related conflicts. In this comprehensive guide, I offer tactics that will preserve you and your children’s well-being, while saving you time, money and stress. These include:

  • How to manage your courtroom experience.
  • How to maximize your outcome in mediation.
  • How to develop parenting plans that won’t fall victim to illogical interpretations.
  • How to protect yourself from the threat of parental alienation.

As an attorney, clinical social worker, and having experienced my own high-conflict divorce, I am in a unique position to understand the complex issues surrounding these challenging divorces: from the filing of the initial complaint to post-judgment custody disputes. Filled with anecdotal stories from my own experiences and from those of my clients, the skills you learn in this book will help you win your high-conflict divorce.