How I Can Help

When my husband walked out on me and our two sons, ages 1 and 4, I struggled against the concept of divorce.  Certainly, it wasn’t what I had planned for my life.  For a long time I was torn between hurt and anger, and my desire to repair my marriage so our boys wouldn’t grow up bouncing between two homes.  When the divorce was finalized and I went back to work, I switched my law practice from commercial litigation to family law.  I learned a lot during my years of separation and divorce, and I had a lot to share.

Now, over a decade later, with years of professional experience as both a family law attorney and a therapist, and lots of personal perspective under my belt, I am in a unique position to help families navigate the complex and often harrowing journey of divorce and remarriage.

These life transitions unleash a wide range of intense and complicated emotions.  People find themselves confronting challenges they never expected to face.  And the solutions are not always obvious.  Their options range from helpless inaction, to gun-blazing litigation, and everything in-between.   I can help.

I can help you navigate the uncharted waters of your divorce and remarriage. I offer therapy, coaching, and mediation.  I can help you as you struggle to understand how you ended up where you did, where you want to go now, and  how to get there.